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Advance Lube Pty Ltd

Brief History

Advance Lube Pty Ltd is a trading company established in Singapore since 1996 which took over the whole trading and marketing operation of Lubrimax Private Limited Singapore. Lubrimax Private Limited only concentrate on manufacturing. The experiences of Lubrimax Private Limited in the manufacturing of lubricants stretches since its establishment in 1994. At present, it is specializing on the manufacturing and blending of specialty lubricants, normal lubricants as well as chemical for automotive industries. Our customers consist of mostly wholesalers, importers & exporters. We also export to Thailand, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, South America, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Latin America, South Africa etc.

Work Force

We have approximately 100 employees in our production plant.

Nature of Business

We are the manufacturer for the following products:

  • Engine oil & 4T Engine Oil
  • Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • 2T Oil
  • Radiator Coolant
  • Engine Treatment
  • Radiator Cleaner
  • Metal Treatment
  • Brake Fluid
  • Oil Treatment
  • Gear Oil
  • Leather and tire shine
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Multi Oil / penetrant
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Fuel Treatment
  • TQ Oil
  • Engine Flush

Management Team

Teo Leng Teng

General Manager & Managing Director

Teo Leng Teng is the General Manager and Managing Director of Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn Bhd. He is the main person in charge of the whole operation of the business. He was a Diploma holder in Material Engineering, graduating from Tunku Abdul Rahman College in 1983. He is an experienced Lubricant Technical Professional. He has 25 years experience in Lubricants industry. He is presently based in our Factory in Kempas, Johor, Malaysia. Our factory at Kempas is our office, production plant and store.

Timothy Teo

Operation Manager

Timothy Teo has currently been appointed as the operation manager of the company. His job scope is to manage the efficiency of the whole operation and production of the company. Nicholas Teo is currently the marketing manager for the company whom is in charged of the marketing side of the business which involves local and oversea marketing and distribution channels.

Lee Puei Ling

Executive Director

Lee Puei Ling is our Executive Director. She is the overall in charge of the factory operations. She has 12 years experience in Lubricants industry. Tai Kon Yuen is our marketing director of Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn Bhd for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor region. He is an experience marketing man. He is actively involved in promoting and marketing our lines of products. Tai Kon Yuen is an ICSA holder, graduating from Tunku Abdul Rahman College in 1984.

See Tai Pet

Executive Director

Mr See Tai Pet is our executive director and based in our Johor Bahru office. He has experience in lubricant for approximately 25 years. He is currently overseeing a team of sales persons in Johor Bahru.

Our management and staffts welcome any organization interested to know more about our company.

If there is any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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